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protected species

habitat surveys

Management on Non Native invasive species is an ever increasing issue in a globalised world. Both plant and animal species, terrestrial and aquatic need to be taken into consideration when planning for the future.

Invasive Species


Continual Monitoring

In order to ensure that the time and money put into a project is put to good use the long term monitoring of species and habitats is essential in order to learn from what actions have been taken.

In order to know what you species you may have present and how they may be interacting on your land a survey of the general habitat is usually a baseline to establish what could be done further

Whether you have a bat roost in your house or barn and are applying for planning permission or have a garden or a large scale farm you would like to improve to support our native wildlife. If you are looking to make changes to your property and need a bat survey to ensure that you complete the work within the law I can advise on the appropriate process which will save time, money and stress in the long run.
  If you need a survey for funding applications I can identify areas which are in need of improvement and how to go about costings and help with your application.

Many species are protected by the European Habitats Directive & Bird Directive along with the Wildlife and Countryside Act and the Countryside and Rights of Way Act. Many species must be taken into account under law when any changes to the natural environment may take place.

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